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Analytical Services

Because we believe analysis is an essential ingredient, we offer a full range of testing services and expertise from development of test methods during the early phases through validation support for product release. We also offer a full spectrum of stability studies.

Development and Commercial Services

Our analytical services include: 

− Analytical methods qualification / transfer
− Analytical method development / qualification / verification
− Cleaning verification method development / method validation and testing
− Analytical testing support for development work for selection of optimized formulation
− Raw material and final product testing and release
− Stability studies.

Equipment and Systems

Our on-site equipment and systems include: 

− On-line HPLC dissolution system
− HPLC separation modules with PDA, dual λ absorbance and UV/VIS detectors
− Dissolution apparatus with auto sampler
− Laboratory TOC analyzer
− UV-VIS spectrophotometers
− IR spectrophotometers
− Karl Fischer titrando
− Karl Fischer coulometer
− Stability chambers.