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Pharmaceutical Development Services

We deliver fully integrated contract services from pre-formulation, analytical and formulation development, through clinical trial supplies. Our pharmaceutical formulation development capabilities are sharply focused on NDA and ANDA oral solid dosage products. Our team will work with you to achieve the optimal formulation for your process. We are committed to creating robust processes that provide seamless transition to commercial manufacturing and ultimately to market.

Development Services

CMIC’s formulation development expertise will move you quickly through the phases while maximizing your chance for success. Development services include:

− Pre-formulation literature research and formulation
− API and excipient interaction and compatibility
− Manufacture drug product for use in clinical trials
− Conduct manufacturing scale up and registration batches
− Provide the technology expertise and validation for commercial manufacturing.

Development Technologies

CMIC development services specialize exclusively on solid dosage processes, which include: 

− Expertise with controlled release and sustained release processing
− Dry blending capabilities
− High shear granulations and drying
− Fluid bed processes (granulation and drying)
− Wurster column bead drug layering and coating
− Tablet compression
− Encapsulation
− Aqueous film coating.